The Advent/Hopewell Moravian Church Band is comprised of members of both Advent and Hopewell Moravian Churches as well as community members of other denominations. The band plays year round with wind instruments including brass and woodwinds. We also have, which is rare for a Moravian band, a percussion section that plays all seasons except Easter.

We play all types of concert band music including hymns, patriotic music, marches and more. We stay busy with six to eight concerts in the spring, summer and fall, and four concerts during the Christmas season at churches, nursing homes, and civic events. We also play for our church lovefeasts, anniversaries, funerals, and other functions and services.

Age is not a concern for members of the Advent Hopewell Band. Musicians of all ages are welcome with the only requirement being permanent teeth (store bought are fine), and be able to count. We have beginning classes that help feed the advanced band and we are open for ANYONE who wishes to play music while serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to provide a ministry to the community by spreading God’s word and inviting people to join our churches.

Please consider being a part of our band as we practice Tuesday nights at 7:00pm at Advent Moravian Church on the corner of West Clemmonsville and Old Salisbury Roads. If you think you aren’t good enough, don't. If you’re good enough for you, you're good enough for us.

Come and make a joyful noise.

Advent Hopewell Band

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