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Christmas 2013

Please remember that we start band practice again
next week on Tuesday Sept. 3rd at 7:00pm at
Advent in the Fellowship Center.

                         Advent-Hopewell Moravian Band

                                      Christmas 2013

     Sun. Sept. 8th-9:20am-Advent-Open Sunday School-(9:45)

     Tues. Nov.19th-6:30pm-Heritage Woods-CONCERT-(7:00)

     Tues. Nov.26th-6:30pm-Brookridge-CONCERT-(7:00)

     Wed. Nov.27th-6:45pm-Advent prelude-Thanksgiving(7:00)

     Sun.  Dec.  1st-9:20am-Advent-Open Sunday School-(9:45)

     Tues. Dec. 3rd- 6:30pm-SalemTowne-CONCERT-(7:00)

     Sat.   Dec.  7th- 6:00pm-Hopewell-Band Christmas Party-(eat at 6:15)

     Tues.Dec.  10th-6:30pm-Independence Village-CONCERT-(7:00)

     Sun.  Dec.15th-3:45pm-Advent-Lovefeast Prelude-(4:00)

     Tues.Dec.17th-6:30pm-Advent-Band Carol on Bus-(7 to 9)

     Sun.  Dec.22nd-6:45pm-Hopewell-Lovefeast Prelude-(7:00)

     Tues.Dec.24th-6:45pm-Advent-Lovefeast Prelude-(7:00)


        Tuesday Dec. 31st-NO BAND-  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



     Tues.Jan. 7th--NO BAND PRACTICE

     Tues.Jan. 14th-NO BAND PRACTICE

     Tues.Jan. 21st-NO BAND PRACTICE

     Tues.Jan. 28th-NO BAND PRACTICE


    Tues.February 4th-Advent-Band Practice Starts at 7:00pm.



          *All Tuesdays not listed will be regular Band Practice nights.

          *Wear band shirts at all concerts